Mission Statement

To partner with, and exceed the expectations of, Societies, Associations, other organisations and authors in pursuit of publishing excellence.


About us

Cambridge Media is the leading non-government funded specialist publisher, on behalf of Societies, Colleges and Associations, in Australia. Our main focus is on Scholarly Publishing, which is also known as STM (Scientific, Medical and Technical) or Professional Publishing, and we have been producing quality journals, books, monographs and conference proceedings for over 30 years. Our proven experience in this field ensures we provide a comprehensive range of services to many Societies throughout Australia and internationally.

We publish on our electronic journal platform, in printed form, on page turning platforms, in secure PDF files, on websites, in e-blasts... on whatever medium you require.


Scholarly Publishing

Cambridge Media is a member of the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers, CrossRef and Australia's Copyright Agency. We publish 13 healthcare journals, in both printed form and on our academic platform, which are distributed to over 65 countries worldwide. Of note is the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists Journal, which we publish in English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Portuguese

We also publish many other monographs, guidelines, books and proceedings in the healthcare field.

Policies and processes

For authors

Author guidelines are available for all journals and can be found in the 'Journal Information' section of journals published on our electronic platform and on the Society website of printed journals. These guidelines closely follow the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) recommendations for preparing a manuscript and authors must satisfy the ICMJE definition of authorship.

Full disclosure of funding sources and any conflicts of interest, a statement of ethics considerations and any acknowledgements must be declared. An example of author guidelines can be found here.

Ethical considerations

Investigations in human and animal subjects must conform to accepted ethical standards. Authors must certify in the text that the research protocol was approved by a suitably constituted ethics committee of the institution within which the work was carried out and that it conforms to the WMA Declaration of Helsinki or a similar such statement from the author's country, such as the Statement on Human Experimentation or the Statement on Animal Experimentation by the NHMRC in Australia. In addition, study participants must provide informed consent and appropriate written consents and permissions. Releases must be obtained where authors wish to include any case details, personal information, and/or images of patients or other individuals. Participant consent must be documented in the text.

Sources of funding and conflicts of interest

Cambridge Media expects all participants, including its own staff, to adhere to the ICMJE's specific recommendation of disclosure of financial and non-financial relationships and activities and conflicts of interest.

Corrections, retractions and expressions of concern

Cambridge Media follows the ICMJE recommendations for corrections and retractions and expressions of concern for all journals that are published.

A corrigendum or an erratum will be published as soon as possible after an editor or the publisher is made aware of a published error. If several and/or serious errors are found, a retraction will be considered and published.

If honesty or integrity of an article and/or authors is raised, Cambridge Media will work with the Society and the editor to instigate an investigation which could lead to an expression of concern being published.


Editorial policies are determined by the Society and/or the journal's editorial board for the journals that Cambridge Media publishes under contract to Societies. Standard policies for all journals are included on this page.

Manuscript submissions

Cambridge Media uses ScholarOne for the management of manuscripts for authors, peer reviewers and editors and all submissions must be made via the relevant ScholarOne website eg click here to submit to the WCET Journal. As part of the submission process, authors must declare any conflicts of interest and sources of funding, attest to ethics considerations and authorship and agree to copyright terms.

If the ICMJE Conflict of Interest form is used, it must be uploaded as title page or supplemental file not for review during the submission process.

Peer review

All Cambridge Media journals use a double blind peer review process with manuscripts sent to at least two reviewers. Reviewers will score the manuscript and provide feedback to authors. Commonly, authors will be asked to revise their manuscripts at least once as a result of the peer review process.


Advertising in Society journals, reprints and supplements provides opportunities for companies to reach a clearly defined target audience. Cambridge Media is committed to ensuring that commercial revenue has no influence or impact on editorial decisions.

Editors of all Cambridge Media journals came from the Societies that we publish on behalf of and do not work for Cambridge Media.

The Cambridge Media sales team is never involved in any aspect of authorship, peer review and editing. Only advertising that is compatible with the image of and acceptable to the Society is accepted.


Cambridge Media is a member of CrossRef and all articles that appear in our journals are assigned individual DOIs.


All of our journals follow the recommendations for the conduct, reporting, editing and publication of scholarly work - ICMJE Recommendations - and have been listed with ICMJE as such.


Other publishing

Although Scholarly Publishing is our main focus, that's not all we do.

In the healthcare field, we also publish many newsletters, magazines and books for Societies, Colleges and Associations, as well as producing thousands of corporate/brand/product literature pieces for many companies.

We have also produced hundreds of publications for all of Western Australia's major sporting teams and published many books for individuals, organisations and companies.

Contact Greg Paull to discuss the benefits of Cambridge Media producing your organisation's publications.

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